Gear Set (Ring & Pinion) Cryogenic Treatment & Polishing Service

Gear Set (Ring & Pinion) Cryogenic Treatment & Polishing Service

Already have a gear set for your differential build?  Want to better optimize the performance?  Thayer Motorsports now offers cryogenic treatment and polishing for our customers!

Your provided gear set will first undergo a cryogenic treatment by a dedicated facility.  No unprofessional backyard quenching methods are ever used.  The controlled process of cooling to below -100C and back to normal temperature takes 3 full days.  The result is a gear set with stronger metallurgical characteristics.

After cryogenic treatment, your gear set will be chemically and mechanically polished to a high shine.  This process is very similar to REM treatment without the outrageous price tag.  Polishing ensures the lowest amount of wasted friction energy resulting in a better performing differential that runs at a cooler temperature.

Typical turn around time is 2 - 3 weeks from receipt.  If your project requires a special timeline, contact us before placing the order to discuss.

After placing your order and submitting payment, ship your gear set to our physical address here.  It must be ensured that no movement or contact is possible between the ring and pinion during shipping.  Ensure that your package is heavily padded and shipped via a fully insured method.  We are not responsible for damage caused in transit.

Price does not include inbound or outbound shipping.  Please contact us for shipping options.

Have questions?  Get in touch with us here.

$ 159.99