How to Ship Us Your Differential

If you are sending us your differential for service it is important to package it properly to avoid damage during shipping. The cases may seem heavy, but if too loosely packed they could be cracked if mishandled by the courier.

You will need to drain the differential and remove the cover, also remove the output flanges. To remove the output flanges you have to just pull hard and they will pop loose. Do not ship the cover or the output flanges with the differential. Now that your diff is prepped it should be securely packed in a nice heavy duty cardboard shipping or packing box, We recommend an 18x10x10 box for 188m medium case diffs and 18x12x12 boxes for 210mm large case diffs. Pack tight using pieces of cardboard to make sure the diff cannot move at all in the box, shifting in the box is what cause the diff to tear through and can lead to damage. As always, its a good idea to use a reputable shipping service and insure your package!  

Thank you for choosing Thayer Motorsports to service your BMW differential!